Project Team

Borough's Team & Technical Advisory Committee

The Project will be managed on the municipal side by a core project team consisting of the Mayor, the chair of the Economic Development Committee, two planning board members, and planning and engineering consultant staff.

In addition, the project will receive guidance from a diverse Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), which will serve as a resource for outreach to the local communities and can help guide the project by providing input and feedback on consultant work products. The purpose of the TAC is to provide local expertise and guidance on technical issues relating to planning, design, economic development, engineering, local initiatives, and goals and objectives. The TAC will also assist in providing data, planning documents and other materials; provide regional coordination; and will provide input on draft products. The TAC will consist of:

  • Michael Patente - Member of the Borough Council
  • Pablo Orozco - Member of the Borough Council
  • Paul Giraldi - Member of the Borough Council
  • Nicholas Carra - Member of the Borough Council
  • Joyce Melitsky - Member of the Borough Council
  • Zachary Bray - Mayor
  • Dan Jaxel - Business administrator
  • Christine Torres - Economc Development Committee Chair
  • Walter Lane - Representative from Somerset County
  • Chris Edwards - Somerset County Business Partnership
  • Jim Ruggieri - The Regional Center Partnership of Somerset County
  • Casey Marago - Economc Development Committee Rep
  • Nick Zamora - Business Owner
  • Daisy Masangya Ladignon - Sweet New Creations
  • Barry Krinsky - Candyland Crafts
  • Scott Lowery - Scotts Florist
  • Ray Tropiano - Tropiano & Sons
  • Linda Schulte - Events Committee Chair
  • Brenda Rivera - Real Estate Rep
  • Kellyanne Gallagher - Resident
  • Dianne Bautista - Resident
  • Joyce Melitsky – Resident and Business Owner

Consultant Team

The project will be led by Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc (FHI), who are experts in land use planning that sets the framework for public and private sector clients to realize their vision for the future. FHI’s land-use professionals support communities by provide comprehensive planning, redevelopment, zoning, placemaking, and transit-oriented development (TOD) planning services. In every effort, FHI tries to provide a high quality of life for all through smart, equitable, and sustainable growth that promotes community cohesion. The result are resiliency communities that are great places to live, work, and visit.

Phillips Preiss Grygiel Leheny Hughes LLC (PPGLH) will be an integral member of the team, providing market assessment expertise to complement FHI’s economic development skill set. PPGLH specializes in identifying and creatively solving land use and development-related problems for private, non-profit and governmental clients throughout the northeast United States. Not only does PPGLH have excellent real-estate consulting qualifications, but PPGLH staff have previously worked in Raritan on a major redevelopment project that is under construction.