What is Sustainability?

A sustainable plan strives to envision the Borough of Rartian at its best – lively, safe streets with a revitalized, economically strong downtown. Sustainability is a way of thinking about how to manage resources for both current and future generations by respecting the environmental, economic, and social conditions of a certain area, according to the American Planning Association’s (APA) Sustainability Policy Framework (2016).

Sustainability is an important lens through which to evaluate a range of issues including the bulidings, open spaces, roads, sidewalks, and infrastructure that compose our built environment; ecosystems and natural areas; and social and economic assets.

  1. Livable Built Environment
  2. Harmony with Nature
  3. Resilient Economy
  4. Interwoven Equity
  5. Healthy Community
  6. Responsible Regionalism

With respect to Resilient Economy, APA identifies a resilient municipality as one that ensures that the community is prepared to deal with both positive and negative changes in its economic health and to initiate sustainable urban development and redevelopment strategies that foster green business growth and build reliance on local assets. For more information on Sustainability and APA’s work on the subject, you can review the publication.