Raritan Sustainable Economic
Development Plan

Draft Reports Open for Public Review

Now is the time to review the plan that will help support sustainable economic development in Downtown Raritan.

Project Description

When you picture Downtown Raritan 10 years from now what does it look like? Are there lively, safe streets, more businesses or a welcoming vibrant riverfront? The Borough of Raritan is developing a community-driven Sustainable Economic Development Plan to guide future improvements in the Downtown. Your input is critical to this effort. Help the Borough identify opportunities and obstacles to revitalization, potential enhancements and where to strategically promote economic development.

We have an opportunity to do this work because we were awarded Planning for Emerging Centers grant by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA). The grant provides technical assistance at no cost to the Borough.

The funding was awarded, in part, because we have demonstrated a commitment to transit-oriented economic development, we have shown an ability to maintain momentum and build off of previous planning work, and we have committed to involving all those who will be affected by the project in the planning process.

As we move through the 18-month planning process that will end in June of 2021, the project’s consultant team will assist us in answering several key questions, including but not limited to:

At the conclusion of the planning process, the Borough will have a Sustainable Economic Development Plan with detailed recommendations and an implementation strategy. The Borough will also have new zoning or redevelopment ordinances that will help to implement those recommendations. Should we decide as a community to do so, we may adopt the plan as an official policy document and the ordinances as laws that will govern land use and development.

Study Area Map

This is YOUR Plan

The Consultant Team and the NJTPA are supporting the creation of a community-driven plan that is written in collaboration with residents, business owners, and stakeholders. As such, there will be ample opportunities to get involved in the process. First and foremost, we suggest that you click the “Stay Informed” button below which will allow you to get information about upcoming events, opportunities for public comment and project updates. For more information about how you can participate, see the Say Informed & Get Involved page of this site.

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Project Timeline


Plan Review, Research, and Stakeholder Interviews



Existing Conditions and Economic Market Assessment Memorandum

August 2020


Surveys and Memorandum Comments

September 2020


Community Workshop

November 2020


Plan Development

June 2021